I’m Francois Duval. I live at Brest, where I help developers and startup to grow up.

I have always enjoyed creating things and wrote my first program at the age of 10 when I started secondary school.

I have always been passionate about learning and exploring, curious about everything and seeking to understand how things work and why. Although I engage in hands-on tinkering less frequently, I continually experiment and test things in digital environments.

Always eager to try new things, I am not necessarily motivated by big profits, but rather by my curiosity and desire to explore. I was among the first to experiment with technologies such as cryptocurrencies, 3D printing, cloud computing, AI, and even no-code/low-code platforms.

Today, I have co-founded Coding Crew and founded my own freelance company, in order to learn new skills and share my passion with others. For me, sharing involves listening to others and constantly seeking to improve myself.